Sunday, September 24, 2006

Six Things I Like About You

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Last night, a friend challeged me to sum up videogames in as few words as possible. 'As few words as possible' is not one of my strengths, so it was going to take a while, but it turned out to be moot, since he was only issuing the challenge as an opportunity to show off his own little epigram:
Japan does swords, America does guns
Turns out six words is exactly hard enough to be challenging, and easy enough to entertain the lazy:
Better than books; worse than telly
Miyamoto is god; Molyneux dreams it
Played too late, eyes feel scoured
Blocks, lasers, bullets, cars, balls, fists
From their brains, to our thumbs
On, think, press, tense, yell, off
Avoid Missing Ball For High Score (of course)
Fair warning, though: do it for too long and it infects your thinking.